What is VPS Hosting?

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting stands for virtual private server hosting and VPS is a virtual private server that is actually installed on a computer to serve multiple websites. A single computer may have more than one VPS on it and each server can have its own operating systems installed.

As the name implies it is a private server that is virtual. In other words, VPS hosting is something in between dedicated server hosting and shared web hosting. There are pros and cons of a virtual private server over a shared or dedicated server which I have tried to explain in preceding paragraphs.

VPS hosting is ideal for those webmasters whose websites require increased server resources but they can’t let go for more costly dedicated servers. VPS hosting offers more speed and reliability than normal shared web hosting. It is not that costly as a dedicated server so it is gaining much popularity these days.

If you have got a couple of good websites and you must opt for VPS hosting. Of course, you want that your online business should grow and before going for a dedicated server you must put your hands on VPS hosting.

For shared web hosting, you don’t need any hosting technical knowledge as everything is managed by your web hosting company. VPS hosting offers you almost complete control on your hosting account so you will have to hand it yourself. Managing your VPS, its security monitoring, installing, and updating the software’s are some of the technical tasks you should be able to handle.

To run your VPS hosting efficiently you need to know the use of OS commands. This may not be a problem if you have learned the things beforehand. In shared hosting, you only need to maintain and update your website but with VPS hosting your task gets doubled. Now you will have to maintain your VPS hosting plus your websites. So get ready mentally and technically before panging into VPS hosting.

Another important point to remember for VPS hosting is that you are sharing the hardware with other VPS hosting clients who are on the same server. So sometimes memory issues may arise but whatever case maybe it’s for better than shared hosting.

VPS hosting can prove to be very rewarding for webmasters if handled efficiently. It not only increase your website’s value but will also give you a nice hosting experience. If you have spent some years in online business and feel confident to handle it then don’t delay to get a good VPS hosting for your online presence.

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Benefits of Virtual Private Server (VPS)

A virtual private server (VPS) is much easier and quicker to set up than a normal dedicated server. A dedicated server needs to be assembled and installed whereas a virtual private server (VPS) gets ready to be used within a short span of time once the software is completely installed on it.

Hosting your website on a virtual private server (VPS) is a very cost-effective mode of web hosting. Though a VPS is a virtual server it offers a lot of raw power comparable to dedicated servers cost. VPS only costs a little more than most shared hosting plans, but offer many more customizable options.

As compared to the shared hosting virtual private servers are operated from very powerful machines and they can run along with multiple VPS together. In shared hosting, you share the resources with many webmasters but in VPS hosting you get more power and flexibility.

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InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

As your hosting requirements increase you can easily upgrade the resources of your virtual private server. Some top hosting companies like HostGator let you easily upgrade your VPS instantly.

In virtual private server web hosting, you have complete root access which means that you are able to make any changes and adjustments whenever you want. This can’t be done with normal shared hosting plans because you need the company’s technical support to get the things done.

Server security is an important issue and should be a top deciding factor when choosing a web hosting plan. VPS is considered to be more secure which can withstand many known DDoS security exploits and attacks.

As with everything virtual private server does have some limitations. The most disturbing can be when one of the VPS is getting slow due to any reason some of the other VPS might also get slowed down. However, a good hosting company has an instant remedy for it which may solve the problem quickly. Virtual private servers require a little bit of technical knowledge to set up, maintain, and manage them.

As most of the websites hosted with hosting companies are on shared hosting and their support staff is more at hands-on shared hosting you may find some delay to get technical support for VPS. This again depends upon your hosting company, if you are with some good hosting company this may not get a big issue.

Virtual private servers are more expensive than normal shared hosting but are cheaper than dedicated servers. Watch out your requirements before going for it. There are a number of other factors to which have to be kept in mind before deciding about your web hosting.

If you are totally a newcomer then you might not like to get into techie hosting. Start with a shared hosting plan and as you grow old and require more resources than before jumping straight into dedicated server give virtual private servers a try.