What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated server hosting means that you buy a dedicated server to host your web properties. All the hardware and software installed are for your exclusive use. Dedicated server hosting is most suitable for webmasters with high traffic websites and performance-based situations.

If you are one of those high-end webmasters whose websites require a lot of web resources and you can afford the cost of a dedicated web server then consider the following points before opting for a dedicated web server.

Things To Remember Before Buying Dedicated Server Hosting

Before shopping for a dedicated server from any web host you need to keep certain things in mind so that you don’t have to face troubles later.

Dedicated Server Hardware

There’s a great option for you to choose the hardware according to your needs which depends upon the price you can afford. Be wise and knowledgeable and do full research before finalizing your dedicated server hardware. Good quality server hardware will of course provide you better performance and reliability.

Dedicated Server Bandwidth

Many web hosting companies offer the so-called “Unlimited” or “unmetered” bandwidth for shared hosting but it is only so-called. For your dedicated server, you will be given a set bandwidth for a fixed price. You have to decide how much bandwidth is suitable for you.

This depends upon the number of visitors on your site and the number of server resources they utilize. It may include the number of pages per visitor and their download/upload frequency. Don’t forget the bandwidth used by search engine bots and crawlers.

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Number of IPs Allotted

When you are spending a large fortune on a dedicated server then of course you must not settle for a single IP as in shared hosting. If you are running an e-commerce website you require at least two unique IP addresses, one for your main website and second for your SSL certificate.

Network Connectivity

You are paying for a dedicated server so it’s important that you also get a dedicated connection with it. Consult your dedicated web hosting provider to find out their backbone provider and if there is any redundant connection. Ask them whether they are providing a T1 or T3 line. If you have selected a good dedicated web hosting provider then you will get up to date information and network connectivity.

Server Uptime Guarantee

Dedicated web hosting server is mostly purchased for high traffic websites because their webmasters can’t afford to lose visitors. So you need your dedicated server up and running for a minimum of 99.9999% of the time. Though dedicated servers are much more dependable than VPS or shared servers it’s also machinery.

You have to be extra careful and check thoroughly with a third party or get a good solid uptime guarantee from the dedicated web hosting provider.

Data Backup and Restoration

Your website data is very important to you so you need its backup and restoration to. There can be some unavoidable situations when your dedicated server crashes or the hosting company’s system fails. Good dedicated web hosting companies do provide timely backups for their dedicated servers but get ensured for this very important feature.

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Technical Support

Of course, as a webmaster, you can’t be a hosting tech expert and you may require technical support for your dedicated server. Check up from your dedicated web hosting provider the level and amount of technical support they provide. If possible opt for 24 hours live chat and phone support for your ease of mind.

Dedicated web hosting is though costly but gives you much more in return in terms of control and authority. Your visitors will have a good experience in doing business with you and your website credibility also increases.

If you can’t bear the full cost of dedicated web servers alone you can also opt for providing hosting service to your friends and known people. It will share your cost burden to some extent. However, do remember the aim of purchasing a dedicated server. Happy dedicated web hosting.

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