Types of Customer Support of Web Hosting Providers

Types of Customer Support of Web Hosting Providers

Every webmaster whether newbie or seasoned, does require customer support and help from his web hosting provider. It maybe a pre-purchase question or getting solved any technical problem, a webmaster do need an efficient and quick response from his web hosting provider.

Web hosting companies with top-notch customer support enjoy the confidence of their clients. They make a good impression on potential clients and attract more business than others.

You can expect the following types of customer support from a web hosting provider.

Live Chat Support

This type of customer support is the most desirable and most required one by all of the webmasters. In live chat support, the web hosting company provides a chat window on its official website and is attended by a live person round the clock.

Most of the top web hosting companies also provide an option to contact their different departments through chat console. This makes the job of both parties much easier. A potential client can talk to a salesperson about hosting packages or ask any pre-sale questions.

Whenever you contact a hosting provider, if the chat person is busy, you will be notified of how many persons are ahead of you. So you have to wait for your turn before you are connected to the chat technician. You can get connected during non-peak hours much easier than other times.

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E-mail Support/Ticket System

This type of customer support of web hosting companies is also available to help you solve your problem or answer your hosting questions. In this type of customer support, you send an e-mail to the web hosting company stating your problem or questions. The e-mail is then forwarded to the related department which takes the required action and answers your e-mail.

To get the answer, you need to wait for sometimes, that depends on the hosting company’s response time. It can be within 10 minutes to some hours. Whatever is the case you have to open your mailbox after sometimes to check the hosting company’s response to your e-mail.

HostGator Business Hosting

Most of the webmaster like me does not at all prefer this method of customer support particularly in the time of some critical technical problem. This is because a busy website owner can’t afford to lose it, visitors, due to the slow response of his hosting providers.

Though the best web hosting companies possess efficient ticket system support for their clients. But even then it is not a preferable method of getting customer support. Yes, it does help when you have some technical problems that need to be explained in detail and you are not in a hurry.

Telephone Support

Hosting companies do provide live telephone support but it is the least preferred method by everyone. The reason is that web hosting is a global business and a web hosting company can have clients from around the world. So it often gets difficult for overseas webmasters to get connected easily. In addition to this, the cost of calling is also very high in some countries.

A web hosting company can’t have a number of telephone lines to handle several clients simultaneously. It may be suitable for local clients but it can’t suit every hosting client. Language problems can also make telephone support the least preferred method to get help from a hosting company.

Hosting companies always strive to facilitate their clients to increase sales and build a good reputation. For this providing excellent customer support is the key. Everything on the net is very fast and if a client or potential client feels easy with a hosting company it will be benefited too.

Check out properly the web hosting provider’s customer support system. If you get satisfactory answers to your questions then you may opt to buy web hosting from that hosting company.