SEO Benefits of Natural Link Building

SEO Benefits of Natural Link Building

Link building no doubt is the most important task in SEO, and to be more precise we can say that off-page SEO tasks will be incomplete without proper link building. However, do you think that all the backlinks have the same value in the eyes of search engines? Sadly the answer is a big ‘‘nope’’.

Though do-follow links are good for blog’s page rank ‘‘natural links’’ are those which come from related blogs/sites/pages etc. Now, what are these related blogs/sites/pages? I will clarify the whole concept in the preceding lines.

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Say you have a ‘‘weight loss blog’’ and links pointing towards it are from fashion or cars related blogs/sites. So such links have very little or no value for your ‘‘weight loss blog’’. This is because the links pointing towards your blog are not natural links.

However, if the backlinks pointing towards your ‘‘weight loss blog’’ are coming from some weight loss or health blog/site then these links will be considered as natural links. Google will give them 100% importance thus providing your blog with full PR juice.

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You will agree with me that the process of correct link building is totally based on common sense. So instead of shoving your blog links to every available place blindly is not beneficial at all. You should opt for backlinks only on blogs/sites related to your niche/blog topic.

Some people argue that, ok if we don’t derive SEO or PR benefits from un-natural links, at least we’ll get a lot of traffic from such backlinks. The answer to their argument is again common sense based. A person interested in fashion or cars blog, how can he be interested in a weight loss blog? Okay even if he does click on your link can it be termed as targeted or natural traffic? The answer is obviously ‘No’.

So to derive the full benefit of SEO you should always strive hard for natural link building. For this, you should go for both types of links i.e. do-follow and no-follow. If you are not deriving any PR benefit from no follows but you can at least get targeted traffic from them.