Important Factor to See In Web Hosting

Important Factor to See In Web Hosting

If you ask me what is the single most important factor to watch in a web hosting provider. My answer will be “customer support”. I talked to a number of webmasters on this subject and most of them agreed that customer support plays a vital sole in the success of any web hosting company.

Reliability, speed, and uptime, etc surely have their due importance in web hosting but you will agree that all hosting infrastructure is but hardware and machinery only. Even the best and most efficient web hosting company can experience some breakdown issues.

In any critical situation, if you contact the customer support and live chat technician happily greets you and offers his full cooperation, it reduces all the pain at once.

Conversely, if there’s no live chat support, you make an expensive call and the person keeps on connecting you with one after the other or there’s only e-mail support (ticket system) and response time is 6 hours then how do you feel?

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Every webmaster does require some technical support from a web hosting company and If that support comes willingly and happily then you can hope to see the problem resolved. I’ve come across certain web hosting companies that own top-notch web hosting infrastructure but when it comes to customer support either it’s outsourced somewhere or it’s not readily available.

Good hosting companies have live chat support option clearly visible on the top right corner of their websites. Any person can contact their different departments as sales, technical, billing, etc easily. A new potential client can get his pre-sale questions answered through sales chat support. Similarly, present clients can get their technical and billing problems solved instantly through live chat.

This is especially important for WordPress hosting because the CMS or the database may cause certain problems and if it is solved through live chat immediately then the things can get easier. However, if you have to wait for 6 or 12 hours then it will cause nothing but frustration.

This reduces their headache of waiting through a ticket system or extra expenditure on telephone calls. Most of the webmasters prefer live chat support over other methods. So before selecting your web hosting provider make sure it has the best customer support available. This will save you from several problems in the long run.

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