How to Make SEO Friendly URLs in WordPress?

seo friendly URL

SEO friendly URL structure is very important not only for your blog visitors but also for search engine bots, in this WordPress tutorial we will see how to make SEO-friendly URLs in WordPress.

After installing and setting up your WordPress blog on your hosting account there are certain important tasks to carry out immediately. I have seen a good number of bloggers who forget these tasks and just start adding content to them. One of them is changing the permalink of your blog. This permalink is what is shown in the browser address bar.

Changing Permalink: Before adding any content to your WordPress blog, you must have to change its permalink setting. By default, it is set at…..

When you publish your post it will show something like in your browser address bar.

Now, this URL structure is not understandable either by human visitors or search engines. One can tell up to your domain name but after the slash it is just a mixture of symbols and numbers that make no sense.

To make it sensible and SEO-friendly you need to change the permalink structure from your WordPress dashboard.

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How to make SEO friendly URLs in WordPress?

a. Go to your WordPress dashboard and from the left menu click on settings. A small menu window will open up from which click on ‘Permalink’ at the bottom. Dashboard > Settings > Permalink

b. A new screen will open up with ……permalink options. Select the radio button of … shown in the image below……

SEO Friendly URLs in WordPress

c. Don’t forget to hit the save button AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. All Done—Well Done.

Now go and check your posts in a browser, it will show something like

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This permalink structure is SEO-friendly and of course visitor-friendly too. People can easily read and understand your post page. Search engines while indexing your post will include its complete permalink structure. This permalink contains the title of your post, so make an attractive title so that it looks good. Remember changing permalink to the desired structure, is one of the most important basic tasks after setting up your blog. Happy WordPress Blogging.

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