How to Find Good Ideas to Blog About?

Good Blog Ideas

It often happens with bloggers when they think that they are running short of ‘ideas to blog about’ be sure it is a temporary situation and you will quickly come out of it the moment you start…..(Read on you’ll come to know….). It happens with everybody from new to pro bloggers except a few wiser ones.

This blog post came into my mind when I was myself in the same situation. I couldn’t write for a couple of days due to some heavy commitment and was out of step with my schedule. Today I got free so I took a good two hours nap in the afternoon with a plan to write at least 3-4 posts in the evening.

When I was about to start, my mind switched off and I was in the above situation. I kept my pencil down and started shuffling my papers. AND after a few minutes, I found a paper on my small clipboard (which I call Gutti) containing topics that I wrote while writing my blog posts and I found a topic which I had scribbled on my so called gutti while writing a blog post a few days back.

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Before going ahead let me tell you that I researched about this topic and found almost similar results on the web like, ‘write reviews, interviews, top ten lists, Google trends, visit forums for ideas, read comments on other blogs, read the news, Google insight’ etc to get ideas for your blog posts. You may try these of course but today I used 2 different ways to find ideas for blog posts.

Lessons Learned

When you are writing a blog post, always keep a separate paper beside you (like my gutti if possible). This is because while writing a blog post several ideas will pop up in your mind related to your post that can be developed into a separate blog post.

As soon as an idea comes into your mind just write it down on a separate paper (or at least a hint) and continue writing your main blog post.

If you are writing a lengthy blog post then you may get 3-4 further ideas for new blog posts. It’s a very useful and handy way to avoid running short of blog post ideas in the future.

The second method to get ideas to blog about is a traditional way and that is to find what people are searching for. Of course, this is the most useful, profitable, and proper way to find ideas to blog about.

I use a software keyword winner, in which I simply put my seed keyword and it gives out quite a handsome keyword ideas to blog about. You can download and try Keyword Winner yourself and I am sure you will love it.

Final Word

These were my personal ways to find topics for blog posts. Everybody has got a different style of doing things. You may use them according to your comfort and I am sure it will get easier for you to find ideas for blog posts.

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