Can You Become a Good Blogger?

Can You Become a Good Blogger?

When people read and hear the success stories of bloggers and the way they are minting money through their blogs, a desire of doing the same awakes in them. This is but natural because copying others’ success path is not a bad thing at all.

Since everybody is different in intellect, habits, and education, etc, so it gets difficult for some people to succeed in blogging.

Why is it so? Well successful and wealthy bloggers are not superhuman but they do possess certain traits that differentiate them from others. There is a number of them but I will talk of two most important ones here without which a blogger can’t survive at all:

1. Knowledgeable

Yes, a good blogger is one who possesses sufficient knowledge about his subject. He is not only passionate to learn more about it but he also has a flare to share it with others. Simply banging into blogging with high paying keywords doesn’t serve the purpose and you will lose track very soon.

Until and unless you enjoy your blog topic, you will soon lose interest thus adding one more dead blog to the total. Remember you can only enjoy blogging if you know a lot about your subject or are at least passionate to learn about it.

2. Regularity

Blogs are such living creatures that they will only live if you regularly feed them with posts. Otherwise, they will die soon. You need to be regular and punctual in publishing blog posts at a regular interval.

Successful bloggers publish at least one post per day; some of them even go for three (+) a day. The more you do, the better it is but be regular.

More than 80% of bloggers fail because they initially start blogging with a bang, the first day 5-10 posts, second day 3 posts, one odd on subsequent days. After a week air is out of the balloon, so is the message driven home?

That’s it, in my opinion, the above two traits differentiate between a winning and losing blogger. Other requirements are of secondary nature. However, if you are knowledgeable and regular in posting, you can surely take your blog to the top. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a free Google blog or WordPress, the only requirements are content and posting.

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Wellbeing knowledgeable about a particular subject depends on your education, study habits, and passion to learn about something. If you are interested in engineering then nobody can force you to learn about abstract art.

Naturally, every human will learn and digest more about the subject he is passionate about. So dig out your passion today and start adding to your knowledge about it, more and more….

Regularity or punctuality is a human trait that can be developed through discipline and motivation. Publishing ten blog posts in the first week following by three in the next doesn’t sound nice. It is better to post thrice a week instead of ten, but be regular in it.

After reading hundreds of blogs and talking to different bloggers, I concluded that blogging is not for everybody. However, I am sure of one thing that if one tries and develops the above two qualities then nothing can stop him from becoming a successful and wealthy blogger. Get Ready For It Now…..

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