7 Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Blogs


There are several blogging platforms to share your thoughts with the world but if you are serious about blogging then there’s nothing better than WordPress. Though their number of bloggers who are doing fine even with free blogging platforms like Google Blogspot but they are lesser in number.

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Let’s see the reasons why I am doing advising you to use the WordPress blogging platform.

1. You Own Full Control of Your Blog

Yes! If you are having a BlogSpot blog, you are not the actual owner of it. You hear me rightly….You are not the owner instead it’s Google who owns it. It’s all up to Google to shut down your blog on the allegation of spamming and you can rarely recover it from them.

Conversely, if you are having a self-hosted WordPress blog, you enjoy full legal ownership of it. It is your property and you can do anything with it.

2. Your Blog Enjoys Good Reputation

Even if you have a very good blog on Blogspot, people will not take you seriously. They are reluctant to believe a blogger who is not willing to spend 10-20 bucks on domain and hosting. Whereas if you have a self-hosted WordPress blog on the custom domain then of course it will increase your credibility.

You will enjoy being considered as a serious blogger and your blog will enjoy a good reputation across the net.

3. WordPress is Very Easy to Use

WordPress dashboard is very user-friendly and you can create a blog/site with ease. Unless you are planning to build a highly sophisticated blog you don’t need any knowledge of PHP, HTML, etc. and with a simple WYSIWYG editor and dashboard, you can easily create a blog within minutes. If you can manage yourself then it is fine but if you are one of those who are short of time then you can opt for Managed WordPress Hosting from a company that can manage it on your behalf thus letting you have peace of mind.

4. Highly Customized Functions

With the availability of thousands of plugins and widgets, you can easily customize your blog according to your needs and wishes. Plugins and widgets are freely available across the net and they fulfill any of your requirements.

Just think of adding an option to your WordPress blog and you’ll find a related plugin or widget for it.

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5. WordPress is SEO Friendly

Google loves WordPress blogs due to their search engines friendly URLs. You don’t need to make a good URL structure for SEO purposes because WordPress does it for you automatically. You must go through WordPress SEO Tips to learn more about this subject.

You have a vast option of selecting good SEO plugins that help you rank high on search engines. WordPress SEO plugin makes the task easier and saves a lot of your time.

6. Highly Customizable Design and Style

Due to the vast availability of themes you can change the design and style of your blog within minutes. You have a great option of choosing free or premium themes according to your blog topic and niche.

If you are not satisfied with one design, you can easily switch over to another within minutes.

7. WordPress is Easy to Monetize

Because of the above reasons WordPress blogs a professional look and advertising pose more confidence on such blogs so they feel comfortable to advertise on WordPress blogs. In addition to this with the help of a variety of e-commerce plugins, you can have a fully functional online business in a short period.

There several ad plugins that can be easily used to integrate multiple advertising channels in your blog.


Of course, there are several other benefits of using WordPress for your blog/site. That is why WordPress is trusted and used by millions of bloggers for setting up simple personal blogs to complex e-commerce blogs. Give it a try and you will not leave it forever. Good Luck with your WordPress blogging.

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