7 Evergreen Profitable Blog Ideas

7 Evergreen Profitable Blog Ideas

Most of the potential bloggers are in search of blog ideas that can make a lot of money. Only profitable blog ideas please…..is the call. Literally speaking it made my mind a spinning wheel because to me every blog can be profitable if some effort can be poured into it.

Anyway, let me share some ‘blog niches’ which I’ve been seeing for years and are evergreen.

1. Make Money Online

Though it is a highly competitive niche still it is an extremely hot blog idea. Earning money for a living is a basic necessity of life whereas earning money online easily is a luxury. Of course, the internet has opened up the opportunity to earn money online but it’s not that easy indeed.

Almost everyone with an internet connection and a computer want to earn money online. If you can provide some tips and tricks about it, this can be a very profitable blog idea for years to come.

2. Learning New Skills

People want to learn new skills to be a useful person. If you know some skills then use this blog idea for the new year. A friend of mine had a plan to learn complete WordPress in 3 months which means he wants to learn a new skill.

There are several other skills that people want to learn in the new year. If you are an expert at something then develop a blog idea around it and start helping people. It can prove to be a very profitable blog idea.

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3. Self Improvement

It has been and always be the desire of everyone to be a good and productive person. Don’t you want to be a better person by improving yourself? Surely you want to, so consider this an evergreen profitable blog idea for years ahead.

Develop a blog around this niche and start helping people and of course yourself by earning money from this niche.

4. Blogging Related Niche

Blogs are popping up in thousands every single day and I’ll be justified to say that this is a blogging era. People are developing personal, business, fun and every sort of blog and they want to learn more n more about it.

If you are blogging for a while then you must be aware of some tips and tricks about blogging. Consider it a profitable blog niche and develop a blog on blogging advice.

5. Personal Relationships

Again a basic human instinct and necessity as everyone wants to love and be loved. They want to date somebody, develop and improve relationships, have fun, and romance in their life. This blog idea is evergreen and if you know something about it then you can surely profit from it a lot.

Startup Plan – Monthly – $35.00

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6. Health & Wellness

In fact, this blog niche should have been placed at a better numbering because health is a top priority for most of us.

Again a basic human desire to be fit and healthy can be converted into a very profitable blog idea. You will see people around you who are worried about their weight, their illness, height, physique, and food, etc.

Think of a health-related topic about which you are knowledgeable and you will of course have a very profitable blog idea.

7. Technology and Gadgets

Our lives are getting easier due to advancements in technology and things produced thereof. Every sort of gadgets is becoming a necessity of life. People want to know about them, their uses, prices, and problems in them. If you are a bit techie you can easily cash on this blog niche.

Final Word

This list of profitable blog ideas is not at all exhaustive and is not limited to. As I often say that don’t limit your mind and keep on spinning it wisely and as a result, you will surely come out with more profitable blog niches.

The blog ideas that I discussed above are evergreen and based on basic human necessity, desire, and instinct. There will always be demand (and competition) for these in years to come. These are just broad blog niches, start digging into them and go to sub-sub-sub niche and you will come out with an extremely useful and profitable blog idea. Good Luck With Your Blog Ideas.

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